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Automotive fabric 1237


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Automotive fabric 1237

Colour: multicolour

Price for one linear meter

Material width: 160cm (+ - 3cm)

Thickness of the PUR foam in lamination: 3 mm

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Automotive fabric 1237


Original upholstery fabric is characterised by:

• above-average grammage,

• fading resistance,

• abrasion resistance,

• excellent elasticity,

• ease of cleaning,

• multiplicity of usage,

• increased efficiency of the material- at least 140cm wide

The usage of original automotive fabrics gives you certanity of its quality. Remember! Materials produced for

automotive industry must pass very strict, specialistic tests in terms of abrasion resistance (think, how many times

do you sit on the drivers seat), temperature resistance, flame retardancy etc.


The material is intended for production and reparation of car upholstery, especially:

• Middle sections of sofas and seats,

• Trim panels,

• Car seat covers both universal and custom made,

• Internal partition compartments,

• Upholstery hard elements,

• Upholstered walls of minivans,

• The interior of the vehicles in the public sector,

• Sleeping cabin for truck drivers,

• The cabins of heavy duty vehicles like diggers, bulldozers, tractors et,

• Seat upholstery in commercial vehicles and vans

Coordinate fabrics (for sides), are the most common ones used to repair the upholstery.

The element that is the most exposed to damage,  usually abrasion is external side part of the seat,

less often the back rest of the seat. You can give back your upholstery it’s former glory with a little effortby

matching the colour and wave structure with existing material. If you will be unsuccesful in finding

the perfect match it is best to change both seat sides.

When choosing the coordinate to match the main material do pay attention to the wave structure of the material.

It is ideal to to have the same wave structure and colour in both coordinate and main material. 

Before you attempt to cut please check the material. Try to work with stencil, Lay our all the shapes

on the material before you proced with with the cut out. Properly laid stencils can save up to 40% of the material.

Always buy material with 15% reserve

Automotive fabrics can also be used in furniture upholstery:

• the durability of the textiles outstands the standards of the materials used in mass-production

• fading resistance gives a long-lasting satisfaction with the product

• the uniqueness of the pattern, contributes to the design, you will not find it in any traditional furniture shop

in cheap letherette it is the backing material that determinates the durability of the fabric, the amount

of the actual cover material is so thin that it cracks easily- you will not find it here


Remove any stains as soon as you spot them. Avoid excessive soaking while cleaning, remember not to soak

foam layer. Do not rub the surface with rough cleaning equiptment. Do not use strong detergents,

bleaches etc. as they may cause discoloration of the material.

Do dry the material well.

Price for 1 linear meter

If you want to give greater softeness to the upholstered elements with this material just ask for a laminated option

If the material does not come in a version with PUR foam, please write to us we will help you choose the correct


If you need a perforated option simply write to us and we will send you an offer on perforated version.

If you have any doubts regarding the usage, colour, or any characteristics of the product please do not

hesitate to contact us.

We make every effort to ensure that descriptions and pictures give the most adequate and realistic characterisctics

of the product. If you need any additional information or want to check the material please ask for a sample

or order one of our sample books.

Packaging details:

We are shipping the materials in rolls of up to 30 kg of weight. The measurement of the parcel is important as well.

The material with a thinner lamination (foam up to 4 mm) can be sent in grater quantity, even 20-30 linear meters.

Heavier and thicker materials (laminated with up to 8mm foam) or foams itself are sent in lesser lenght rolls.

When more quantities of same material oredred it will be sent in one continuous lenght, for multiple orders

we will roll it on one roll to reduce the shipping cost.

Transport notes:

The material is rolled on cardboard tube then wrapped in a protective layer and thick transparent foil.

Please check the parcel upon delievery for any damages. Look at the material, if you have orederd

few patterns it surely has been rolled together.

Please have a look inside the tube , this is where we put, glue containers, catalogues samples, pipping etc.


Store fabrics on the cardboard rolls, preferably on hangers to prevent deformation.

Please note!!!

Colour in the picture may be slightly different from the colour of the material. It depends on the settings of your

graphics card and monitor. Differences in colour are easy to be seen by watching the same image

simultaneously on different monitores.


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Automotive fabric 1237

Automotive fabric 1237

Automotive fabric 1237

Colour: multicolour

Price for one linear meter

Material width: 160cm (+ - 3cm)

Thickness of the PUR foam in lamination: 3 mm